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A key initial step towards buildng a “healthy community” where you live is finding out what national(like the NATIONAL CIVIC LEAGUE www.NCL.org ) and local community resources (Like your County Department of Health , School/College Health and Physical Education teachers or local non profits-YMCA’s , Heart Assoc , American Cancer Society) exist to assist you.  Below are links to several we consider to be some of the best and most helpful National and local examples from Western NY) information resources currently available.  If you have any suggestions for new links that you have found helpful, please email them to us at wellness@city-Buffalo.org and we will be happy to review and include them on our list

  • The Kettering Foundation -The Kettering Foundation is an American non-partisan research foundation founded in 1927 by Charles F. Kettering. The foundation publishes books and periodicals, employs research fellows, and organizes (through the National Issues Forums) public forums on policy in order to answer the question: “what does it take for democracy to work as it should?” It is based in Dayton, Ohio. The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo has a strong belief that a HEALTHY Community Democracy is essential to creating a Healthy Community-.The Pew Center for Civic Change is another excellent resource for “Healthy” community building. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is another excellent national resource along with the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) and the President’s Council on Fitness and Nutrition. l
  • The Good Neighborhood – This excellent Buffalo, New York focused website is a daily destination for good news, events, and people making a difference in our communities. Other Local examples include the Buffalo NY based Partnership for the Public Good which sets an Annual community improvement agenda ; area Foundations that adress human , environment or civic health issues ; Comunnity service groups like your local Rotary Clubsl; local health publications (see Buffalo Healthy Living magazine);The Erie Niagara Tobaacco Free Coalition or the P2 Collaborative which is a WNY focused Regional health improvement initiative.
  • Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP) – MAP nurtures the growth of a diverse and equitable community food system to promote local economic opportunities, access to affordable and nutritious food, and social-change education.  MAP is supported by public & private foundations as well as people like you.  Please consider making a tax deductible donation.  Your contribution will make an immediate impact on youth & communities in and around Buffalo NY
  • Push Buffalo –  The mission of PUSH Buffalo is to mobilize residents to create strong neighborhoods with quality affordable housing, to expand local hiring opportunities and advance economic justice in Buffalo.  The growth of PUSH over the years has been attributed to its commitment to operating principles, which will shape the implementation of its five year strategic plan.

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