Since the founding (1989)of the non profit Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo a variety of social entrepreneurs and Visionaries in the fields of health promotion, the environment, economic development and a healthy democracy have launched and incubated successful “community benefit” and job creating initiatives that support the Wellness Institute’s mission of Creating Healthy Communities. Among the better known are the Massachusetts Avenue Project , EXPLORE BUFFALO (www.Explorebuffalo.org ) , Pop Up Parks , Youth ADVANTAGE, CITYBRATION and GOBIKE BUFFALO. If you or your organization have an idea or project that you may need support in launching and incubating or housing with-in our portfolio of quality of life enhancing initiatives please contact Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo Executive Director Philip L Haberstro to discuss bringing your dream to life. Phil can be reached at 716 851-4052 Mon to Fri 9 00AM to 4 30PM or by email –  Wellness@city-Buffalo.org

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