On Thursday, October 18th, following a warm welcome by Dr Karl Wende of Buffalo State College and the audience ,   Dr. Michael O’Donnell and Mr. Jake Williams enlighted us with their wit, wisdom and passion at the Art and Science of Health Promotion Forum and Panel discussion- held at Buffalo State College. The Forum content was eye opening and educated the audience on the importance of researching  and addressing community health disparities and the art of engaging multisector  community stakeholders  to sufficently and sustainably invest in health promotion and prevention. Panel members Dr. Jessica Kulak , Scott Scanlon and Heather Ratka added to the evening with a series of thought provoking questions –  Below is the link to Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo founder and CEO  Phil Haberstro interviewing Dr. O’Donnell and Mr. Williams at Buffalo’s Apollo Media Center prior to the evening Forum . Please feel free to share!



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BUFFALO, NY– The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo announced a free Health Promotion Forum on Thursday evening October 18th on the Buffalo State College campus featuring national guest speakers Dr. Michael O’Donnell and Jake Williams speaking on improving health by developing and refining aggressive comprehensive community health promotion strategies for sustainable environments, programs, policies, community capacity building and communication.

Dr. Michael O’Donnell is the CEO of the Art & Science of Health Promotion Institute (https://www.artsciencehpi.com/ and is also the founder of the American Journal of Health Promotion. Dr. O’Donnell also founded the Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference, and is founder and former chairman of Health Promotion Advocates (http://healthpromotionadvocates.org/). His work with more than 150 employers, health care organizations, government agencies, foundations, insurance companies and health promotion providers has developed and refined health promotion programs, products, policies, and has served major roles in health systems, including the Cleveland Clinic as Director of the Health Management Research Center at the University of Michigan. Amongst his many publications, Dr. O’Donnell has presented more than more 300 keynote and workshop presentations and has received 15 national awards. Dr. O’Donnell will be speaking on his current ground breaking white paper Universal Access to Health Promotion.

Mr. Jake Williams who is Healthier Colorado’s first Executive Director will join Dr O’Donnell. Before taking charge of Healthier Colorado, Jake Williams served as a consultant to the Walton Family Foundation (https://www.waltonfamilyfoundation.org/ ) on its effort to sustain the Colorado River. He also worked with the Gill Foundation (https://gillfoundation.org/) to achieve LGBT legal equality. Jake Williams has worked to set in motion a range of strategic voices to help protect the West’s land, air, and water. He has also led teams on legislative, electoral, and health advocacy campaigns for the Service Employees International Union (http://www.seiu.org/). Along with his many passions, Jake Williams recently published The Voice Our Health Deserves, a white paper that explains why we need to create a national movement and political apparatus to advance health, and how we start doing that. The Health Promotion Forum and panel discussion will begin at 7:00PM at Buffalo State College’s Bulger Communications Center in room 423. Please call the Wellness Institute to register at (716)851-4052 or register at Eventbrite before the event.

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