“Walking to Wellness Exceeds

2018 Steps Goal!!”

In pursuit of improved health for Erie County and WNY, the Wellness Institute and its many partners have exceeded their community goal of 100 million steps walked in 2018. Currently, 105+ million steps have been tracked! This is the Wellness Institute’s 5th Annual “Walking to Wellness” Campaign.

The 2018 goal was 100+ million steps achieved with the help of local participants, organizations, and events.  Among those who  participated in 2018: City of Buffalo employees-“Walking on Tuesday”, Downtown Buffalo Spring and Fall Walking on Wednesday  series (collaboration with the Buffalo Niagara Visitor Center), Explore Buffalo (over 14,000 participants and 43 Million Steps ), Imagine Greater Buffalo Second Saturday Downtown walks from Central Library, and First Sunday Reflective Walks at Hoyt Lake  Other partners included: the Healthiest (School ) Districts Initiative, promotional support from Refresh Magazine, WBFO, and the Apollo Media Center, leadership by Erie County for National Walk at Lunch Day and advocacy for regular physical activity by The Western NY Healthy Communities Coalition, Catholic Health, and WNY APHERD.

For 2019, the Wellness Institute is working with local organizations and inviting new partners (the Niagara Greenway and Rotary Clubs) to help promote physical activity as essential to improving health for all ages in our community. Phil Haberstro, of the Wellness Institute has branded “walking as the grand slam of physical activities” for its positive social, economic, environmental, and health impact. The American Heart Assoc. notes, walking briskly can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and reduces risk of heart disease and stroke among health benefits.

Organizations interested in partnering in the 2019 Campaign should contact the Wellness Institute (716) 851-4052 or email BeActive@City-Buffalo.org.                                                                                                                                   

“Walk to be healthy, walk to be happy”-Charles Dickens

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