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BUFFALO, NY: The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo is pleased to announce that Mr. Rod Nagy is joining our WNY WALKS! Team. Mr. Nagy has a successful background in commercial fitness, and is a passionate advocate for simple physical activities that can change an individual’s entire health trajectory. Part of Nagy’s philosophy includes the role of regular walking as a “gateway” physical activity to better health. “The value of a simple 30 minute daily walk cannot be overstated when it comes to the benefits: improving physical and mental wellbeing, which may lead to a potential reduction in medications while combating depression. And once you get in the regular walking habit, people often find new joys or    themselves experimenting with other healthy activities such as bike riding, jogging and perhaps training for some other sport or event.

Being physically fit and physically healthy Nagy notes are not always the same thing. A generation of Americans have been led to think otherwise.  The fact is, getting and maintaining good health is much more simple to achieve than many folks recognize. “Regular walking promotes health in bigger ways than people realize; walking improves cardiovascular health, muscular development and toning, and provides individuals with a sense of mental clarity and comfort”. Walking, and the integration of walking into daily and weekly routines, increases and improves the experiences that individuals have in their lives.  These introductions to new experiences may lead to growth in personal social capital, while helping citizens support communities, schools, workplace and age-friendly walking activities and policies.

Phil Haberstro Institute Director noted” As a member of The Wellness Institute’s WNY Walks! Team, Mr. Nagy is collaborating with other partners like Slow Roll Buffalo, The Buffalo Niagara Greenway, Explore Buffalo, The Healthiest Districts Initiative, WINTERMISSION and the WNY Healthy Communities Coalition, among others, to improve Greater Buffalo’s ability to be physically active through the lifespan. The strategic work done in these collaborations is leading to a tipping point in our area’s health status, by fostering a more aggressive WNY-wide physical activity initiative: WNY WALKS! -which is launching Wednesday May 1st at noon in Niagara Square. Mr. Nagy will have a strong leadership role in WNY WALKS!”                                                                                

The WNY Walks! Initiative supports walking and physical activity in all of Western New York, and is inspired by best practices from America Walks and the Wellness Institute’s Walking to Wellness programs. All of these efforts are working together to address the Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings in WNY in the areas of physical activity, stress management, and the walkability of communities in Western New York. Mr. Nagy and Mr. Haberstro noted “the WNY Walks! Initiative and its partners have the ability to improve our residents’ comfort, quality of life, social capital, and overall health and wellness. We invite you to join the WNY Walks! Initiative as a community member or, as a sponsor/promoter of this year-round strategic wellness initiative. For more information, please contact the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo at BeActive@City-Buffalo.org, by phone at (716) 851-4052, or visit our website www.CreatingHealthyCommunities.org


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