Press Release January 2020                               


BUFFALO, NY: The WNY WALKS! Initiative has been making many community-culture changing strides since its May 2019 launch to achieve its mission of facilitating improved walkability and increased regular physical activity in WNY. WNY WALKS! is excited to announce its most recent development: a partnership with community leader Stan Martin of Cicatelli Associates Inc. to implement a walkability/regular physical activity intervention in 5 Ferry Street zip codes in the City of Buffalo (14208, 209, 211, 213, 215)!

The intervention, set to begin with a kick-off event in early 2020, will include community-based research, assessments, trainings, and workshops to build capacity for a sustainable, comprehensive, strategic, and POSITIVE culture change in these zip codes of interest. The WNY WALKS! intervention will engage key audiences by working closely with “community champions” to evaluate the current walkability and community fabric to positively enhance the REACH Ferry Street communities.

Lucy Connery, Associate Director of the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo, home of the WNY WALKS! Initiative, states “This intervention will be done with, by, and through the people of this community.” She adds “In order to achieve our goals to be strategic, inclusive, and comprehensive, we will engage entire communities: schools, workplaces, block clubs, and more.” The WNY WALKS! Initiative thanks the CDC’s Active People, Healthy Nation Initiative for funding this exciting project. These two local initiatives prioritize the development of healthy communities through improved, sustainable, regular physical activity throughout the lifespan. One easy, free, and accessible form of regular physical activity is walking – both WNY WALKS! and the CDC’s Active People, Healthy Nation Initiative identify walking as a key activity to improve any and all health outcomes.

For more information, interest in getting involved, becoming a sponsor or partner with the WNY WALKS! Initiative, please contact the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo at (716) 851-4052 or BeActive@City-Buffalo.org. Additional information is also on our website: CreatingHealthyCommunities.org.

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