March 2020   

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“Healthy Communities 2030! Launches Workplace Wellness Survey”

BUFFALO, NY: The Wellness Institute has launched its Healthy Communities 2030! initiative to strategically facilitate a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and inter-sector approach to improving health status and quality of life in the Erie and Niagara county markets. To support Healthy Communities 2030! a local survey on workplace health promotion programs has been developed to assess baseline data on the current status of workplace health promotion in Erie and Niagara counties. Utilizing the results of this survey, the Healthy Communities 2030! team will initiate advocacy to increase both the quantity and quality of workplace health promotion programs in the Erie and Niagara communities.

Executive Director of The Wellness Institute, Phil Haberstro, noted that “We have made great progress in the schools with new wellness policies and age-friendly initiatives. We need to fill in the age gap with workplace wellness because it connects people throughout the life- span”. The survey is partly in response to the recent study on the Economic Burden of Poor Health in WNY. In Erie and Niagara County alone, the burden of our poor health is calculated to be $2.5 billion annually due to medical costs and lost productivity. Workplace Wellness programs are statistically proven to help sustainably contain the epidemic of lifestyle-related diseases, which in turn decreases the cost of medical care in the United States.

Community Health Advocate, Michaela O’Brien, will be coordinating this effort with interested Erie County partners. O’Brien noted that this survey is an organizational assessment, not a personal one, and the results will be comparable to national data platforms. Pending results there will be policy, advocacy, and resources to improve the quantity and quality of workplace health promotion in Erie and Niagara.

            To participate in the comprehensive survey or for general accessibility to employee wellness events, advocacy, and training, please contact the Wellness Institute at (716) 851-4052 or check out our website www.CreatingHealthyCommunities.org.

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