Starting Monday, April 27th, Independent Health and the Buffalo Bills are partnering to challenge our local communities to improve their health! The Health and Wellness Challenge is a six week program to encourage healthier lifestyle behaviors and to improve overall well-being; participants who join have the opportunity to get points to win a variety of exciting prizes!

Phil Haberstro of the Wellness Institute commented ”The positive health behaviors promoted in the Health and Wellness Challenge align with our recent launch of the Healthy Communities 2030! Initiative in the Erie and Niagara Counties! Healthy Communities 2030! Strongly supports the Health and Wellness Challenge partners and their community wide efforts to improve nutrition, regular physical activity, and better mental health practices!

Lucy Connery from the Healthy Communities 2030! Team added “The Independent Health and the Buffalo Bills’ Health and Wellness Challenge is so timely; these next six weeks are a perfect timeframe to initiate positive lifestyle behavior practices in our communities. The challenges we are facing as a community, region, state, and country are unprecedented and present an opportunity for us to come out of this stronger than ever!”  To learn more and sign up today, visit https://www.independenthealth.com/IntheCommunity/Programs/HealthWellnessChallenge.

For more health and wellness resources, or information contact the Healthy Communities 2030! Team at BeActive@City-Buffalo.org or please visit  www.CreatingHealthyCommunities.org . #

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