The 10th Annual Walk to ConnectLife has switched to a virtual walk in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Lucy Connery from the Healthy Communities 2030! Team noted “Now more than ever, ConnectLife’s work to highlight the importance of organ and blood donations is incredibly important! The Annual Walk to ConnectLife serves as a fundraiser and event to raise awareness on organ and blood donations in our region for those in need. There are three ways to get involved in the walk: be a part of the virtual memorial garden, creating your very own indoor/outdoor memorial garden, and walking8.75 miles throughout the month of May! For more details on how to get involved, visit: https://unyts.akaraisin.com/ui/connectlife2020


The Healthy Communities 2030! Initiative launched in March 2020 by the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo and its Partners align with ConnectLife’ss Walk in that they both promote regular physical activity, build community social capital, and support positive, health-enhancing culture change in our region!


Phil Haberstro of the Wellness Institute and co-founder of HC 2030! commented, “The Institute’s WNY WALKS! team has been leading a NYS Department of Health recognized community best-practice, Walking to Wellness Campaign, to track the amount of community steps taken in Western New York for several years. Participation in ConnectLife’s virtual Walk creates an opportunity for community members to support ConnectLife’s mission, improve their health and to submit their steps to count towards the Region’s 2020 Goal of 250+ Million Safe Steps!”


For more information on how to submit steps or get involved in Healthy Communities 2030! activities, visit www.CreatingHealthyCommunities.org  or contact us at BeActive@City-Buffalo.org or (716) 851-4052.

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