Healthy Communities 2030! Joins Channel 7’s Buffalo Strong Initiative

The Healthy Communities 2030! Team has decided to join the WKBW Buffalo #BuffaloStrongInitiative where community members are challenged to respond to the COVID-19 Crisis. Participants in the challenge can buy a #BuffaloStrong t-shirt or hoodie, and $7 will go to FeedMore WNY, a local organization that provides meals for locally food-insecure residents. The Healthy Communities 2030! Team is excited to join efforts to promote community well-being by challenging community members to walk, run, or bike a 7k in #BuffaloStrong apparel and to challenge their friends and families to join the initiative!
Healthy Communities 2030! has launched a Facebook campaign to post a video of individuals outside, enjoying Western New York after purchasing #BuffaloStrong apparel to encourage our neighbors and community to get physically active and support organizations that are feeding our neighbors. The WKBW Team wants to see if Buffalo really is ‘the City of Good Neighbors’ and the Healthy Communities 2030! Team wants to help prove we are!
Lucy Connery, Co-Director of the Healthy Communities 2030! Initiative, states “We are so excited to be a part of the Buffalo Strong Movement because it aligns with our work in so many ways: promoting regular physical activity, building community social capital, and supporting those who are most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are so glad to support this important initiative and hope to spread it throughout the region!”

Healthy Communities 2030! Appoints New Executive Director!

The Healthy Communities 2030! Team kicks off its new fiscal year for 2020-21 by appointing Lucy Connery as the new Executive Director! Founder of the Wellness Institute and long-time Executive Director, Phil Haberstro, reflects on his 30+ year journey of Creating Healthy Communities in the Greater Buffalo & Western New York Region, stating “I am very excited to pass the baton to ‘LC’ and am confident she will manage and lead the Healthy Communities 2030! Initiative to do great things for our community health.”

Connery recently graduated from Daemen College’s Master of Public Health Department with dual degrees in Public Health and Spanish, with a concentration in Community Health Education. Not-native to WNY, the new Executive Director came from a small, rural town, Homer, NY, for schooling in Buffalo, and has chosen to stay in our community to enjoy and help to continuously improve the City of Good Neighbors! Connery has been with the Healthy Communities 2030! Team for over 18 months, and has demonstrated leadership and professionalism in her writing, presentations, education, and health promotion in our local communities.

Some of the Executive Director’s first responsibilities will include planning, implementing, and evaluating the WNY WALKS! Second Annual Walkability Summit in 2020, and continuing to partner with the CDC and Cicatelli Associates, Inc. on their REACH (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health) Project along the East Ferry Street Corridor. Healthy Communities 2030! was founded on values of collaboration, inclusion, and strategy in order to address community health comprehensively, and Connery will continue to demonstrate these values beginning in July 2020!

Celebrate Global Wellness Day All-Year Long!

Global Wellness Day falls on Saturday, June 13th, 2020, and this international celebration gives us, as a community, the opportunity to reflect on all aspects of our community wellness. Wellness incorporates all dimensions of health, and The Healthy Communities Movement is an evidence-based approach to community wellness that recognizes the many dimensions of health: environmental, economic, social, and human health. Social health incorporates social capital (social networks in a community based on norms of trust and reciprocity), healthy and positive use of our American Democracy, healthy social supports, and more. Human health includes the physical, mental, and emotional components of health that, combined with the other dimensions of health, contribute to improved quality of life for individuals and the community as a whole.

To celebrate Global Wellness Day, The Healthy Communities 2030! Team will highlight the Global Wellness Day Seven-Step Manifest to encourage health-enhancing behaviors and activities. The Seven-Step Manifest includes taking a walk (recommended minimum of 30 minutes), drinking more water, using reusable water bottles, improving healthy nutrition, doing good deeds for your community, enjoying quality time (virtually or not) with loved ones, and promoting healthy sleep behaviors. Practicing these seven activities throughout the month of June can set up our Western New York Community for Success!

Promoting our individual and community well-being begins with developing a routine. Similar to New-Year Resolutions, Global Wellness Day provides us an opportunity to improve our health behaviors and begin a new health-enhancing routine during the summer! Buffalo summers are infamous for their concerts, festivals, and events filled with food, drink, and good times. With the COVID-19 crisis still being managed in our country, Global Wellness Day gives the WNY Community the opportunity to enjoy a summer of wellness fun!

Summer 2020 Marks New Wellness Initiatives!

Although January marks a New Year for everyone, July 1st marks a new year for most organizations and businesses. July 2020 marks the development of the Healthy Communities 2030! Strategic Plan and the appointment of new leadership, Executive Director Lucy Connery!

What does this mean for our community?

            The Summer of 2020 will be a time to catalyze the work the Healthy Communities 2030! Team has been doing since its launch in March 2020 in response to Erie and Niagara Counties ranking poorly in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s 10th Annual National County Health Rankings Report. Healthy Communities 2030! will focus on community wellness in many way; some of the main focuses include the built environment and walkability, youth wellness, and health promotion through education, community development, and more!

            The Healthy Communities 2030! (HC2030!) Team is working currently working on multiple local walkability interventions. In these interventions, local community members can engage with HC2030! to learn how to assess their community’s walkability, develop sustainable walking clubs, and participate in professional development events and opportunities! Healthy Communities 2030! is also engaging in local youth health-promotion by engaging with local school districts, youth recreation organizations, and local media organizations to promote youth health and wellness throughout the year.

HC2030! works to improve health of our youth, adult, and older adult populations in many ways, and we want to do more with you!

Launch of Summer Wellness Kit

The Healthy Communities 2030! Team has developed a B-WELL Summer Wellness Kit as a follow-up to the successful release of their B-WELL@HOME COVID-19 quarantine Wellness Kit. With the challenges our region will face in having a ‘non-traditional’ Buffalo Summer without festivals, concerts, or the like, Healthy Communities 2030! decided to demonstrate that Western New York will thrive this summer in health, wellness, and quality of life! 

The B-WELL Summer Wellness Kit will include resources like walking paths, safety tips, nutrition notes, and content to help promote the multiple dimensions of health and wellness! Our State and Region are beginning to re-open amidst the COVID-19 crisis slowing down; however, our community is not done with the disease. Our community’s health and safety is very important to the Healthy Communities Team, and the summertime may prove to be a challenge for many to maintain their positive health status. The B-WELL Summer Wellness Kit will help guide our community members to take advantage of the plethora of wellness resources we have available in the region, and will help to educate on important health topics like foodborne illnesses, positive body image, and protecting ourselves throughout the summer and year!

            Lucy Connery, Co-Founder of the Healthy Communities 2030! Initiative, states “We are so excited to launch this second wellness kit as a resource for our local communities to engage in health-enhancing activities throughout the summer! The success of the B-WELL@HOME Wellness Kit inspired us to continue to develop materials for our region to promote health and wellness year round!”

Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) in Buffalo

            REACH is a program locally implemented by Cicatelli Associates, Inc. (CAI) that is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CAI has partnered with WNY WALKS! to implement a walkability program in five Buffalo zip codes along the Ferry Street Corridor. This walkability project is looking to partner with local community members to encourage all neighbors, regardless of color, class, or creed, to have their voice heard in improving their community’s health status and quality of life!

            REACH, in partnership with WNY WALKS!, has the opportunity to address community health and quality of life because its values: inclusion, strategy, safety, comprehensiveness, and collaboration. Through this, REACH will be able to improve our community’s health status by enhancing walking, regular physical activity, and walkability through creating community walking clubs, completing community walkability assessments, participating in leadership coaching, trainings, and more! The REACH Ferry Street Health and Wellness Project aims to engage our marginalized communities to create the community culture change they wish to see in their neighborhoods, in our City, throughout the State and nation!            The REACH and WNY WALKS! Team is asking for interested community members to contact the REACH Walkability Program Team to receive free resources, build professional and community development opportunities, engage with their neighbors, policymakers, and participate in calls/meetings to bring on the systemic changes we all wish to see!

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