With our community constantly adapting to our ‘new normal’, it is difficult to know what will happen in the future. We want to be a community resource you can rely on! Be on the lookout for our exciting updates, and always contact us if you want to learn more!

B-WELL Fall Wellness Kit – our Fall Wellness Kit follows up our B-WELL@HOME and Summer Wellness Kits to share community resources, connect individuals to local organizations, and to promote and support our region’s youth, adult, and older adult health!

Events – we share community events on our website to highlight our own activities, as well as other local events. Check it out here!

BeActive Kids – our BeActive Kids! Affiliate is moving forward in their Summer and Fall programming. Look out for Process Basketball clinics, free-play/recreational events, BeEnriched Buffalo Distance Learning, and physical/health education advocacy in these coming months.

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