Lucy Connery, MPH

Executive Director as of July 2020!

“I am so excited for this new chapter of my professional life, and am very grateful for the Healthy Communities Team for their work and support to promote our regional health status and quality of life!”

RIP Phil Haberstro

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

“Fellow citizens; we share the challenge of poor health in Erie and Niagara counties, the economic burden of our poor health, and the knowledge of how to  change community culture (we did it with tobacco)! So what’s needed now? Let’s start with more aggressive private sector leadership in workplace health promotion, sustainable strategic public policy from elected officials, and focused local foundation investment in measuring and increasing the Erie/Niagara Region stock of Social Capital! Together these strategic actions represent sustainable culture changing actions addressing the social, environmental, economic and human health factors that create our quality of life! If you are tired of being where we are, join Healthy Communities 2030! As a partner, sponsor, or advocate for working together & smarter for our shared better future”

Tony Mastrangelo, CEO of Big Picture Media

Social Media ‘Quarterback’

“It has been very educational and rewarding to help tell the story of the Wellness Institute and its Healthy Communities 2030! Initiative. Our team has responded so well in light of the challenges this new decade has brought, and I am so excited to see what amazing things we will continue to do to get our community healthy!”

Michaela O’Brien, BPH

Community Health Advocate

“I am very happy to close out the year with the Healthy Communities 2030! Team and am proud of everything we’ve accomplished over the last year. Our B-WELL@Home and virtual wellness kit series are so informational, and now more than ever we need to make healthy behaviors the ‘new normal’ in our every day life!”

Cerys Hill, AmeriCorps VISTA

Community Outreach, Education, Capacity Buidling

“Strives towards the goal of providing equitable health and wellness to every human in our community, nation, and world.” Cerys is new to the team and will be spending her year-long term with the Wellness Institute/Healthy Communities 2030!. We are so excited to have her.

Focus areas include youth health and wellness, civic/community engagement, and direct service to marginalized communities in Greater Buffalo, no matter the need.

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