“the public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.”

The Wellness Institute has over 30 years of history in advocating for policies to improve our community’s health and quality of life. Some of our advocacy achievements include the adoption of Anti-Tobacco/Clean Indoor Air Legislation in 1997, Complete Streets Policy in 2008, School District Wellness Policies 2012, and most recently, the banning of e-cigarette flavors to be sold/marketed to those under 21 years old (2020)!

Current Advocacy

Click the topics below to learn about what you can do to advocate for your community’s health!

With the COVID-19 crisis, schools are at risk for budget cuts, which in the past has fallen onto the burden of physical activity teachers. Physical education is incredibly important for our youth, as it is a key indicator of health and quality of life. We are advocating for the protection of our physical education budgets to keep our children healthy!

Call to action!

Contact your school board and express your concerns and support for physical education and health budgets! Learn more here!

Click here to see our partner, NYSAPHERD’s video on health & physical education advocacy.

The Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council (GBNRTC) has had great success in implementing a Bicycle Master Plan, which helps support multi-modal transportation and our environment. However, before someone gets on a bike or into a motor vehicle, they are a pedestrian first. A Pedestrian Master Plan will help support pedestrian safety, improve walkability, and support regular physical activity in our region!

Call to action!

Contact the GBNRTC or your local public official to support a Pedestrian Master Plan!

21st Century Parks has been a partner/supporting organization to the Wellness Institute for years, and their work supports parks, a healthy environment, social capital, regular physical activity, and more! To make the 21st Century Parks an Outer Harbor park land designation will help protect the land and support sustainability of beautiful parks in our region!

Call to action!

Support parks and park land designation for the Outer Harbor by contacting us, 21st Century Parks, or your local Parks and Recreation office to voice your support! Learn more here!

Workplace Health Promotion initiaitves have been proven to improve healthy lifestyle behaviors both in and out of the workplace; however, in an increasingly capitalist fast-paced society, we often forget about the important of health in all spaces! Our draft NYS Employer Wellness Act will provide a tax incentive for businesses to provide some sort of workplace health promotion program to enhance the health & well-being of our region!

Call to action!

Check to see if your employer offers a workplace health promotion program. If they do not, contact Human Resources and voice your support!

It's Not Always Easy - but it's Worth It!

The Healthy Communities 2030! Team wants to help you in your advocacy – we are stronger in numbers! If you find you need support while supporting these policies/programs, go to our ‘Contact’ page and reach out!

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