Creating Economic Capital and Jobs

  • Generated $6.25+ million in grants/sponsorships since founding (ongoing)
  • Generated positive national publicity for Buffalo Niagara Region
    • 1992-2014 hosting national conferences earning eight All America City FINALIST status and winning two All America City awards from the National Civic League
    • National leadership positions held, national public speaking appearances, and honors earned by the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo.
  • Pioneering in advocacy action for workforce health promotion to impact productivity and health care costs
  • Helped to save the City of Buffalo millions of dollars in health insurance spending by paving way to healthier workforce through 16 year employee wellnes program management.
  • Job creation – twelve employees, 300+ interns trained.
  • First in Buffalo, NY region to publicly champion “Health Promotion” as a growth industry for Buffalo Niagara region (1997).
  • Helped incubate multiple health-enhancing and revenue-generating organizations; resulting in 15 additional full-time jobs created in community!
    • Massachusetts Avenue Project (1998)
    • BWI Health Promotions (2004)
    • Green Options Buffalo (2009)
    • Buffalo Car Share (2010)
    • Net Positive (2012)
    • Explore Buffalo (2013)
    • Citizen science Community Resources
  • Participated in creation of City of Buffalo Creativity and Civic Solutions Commission (2004) – first in the United States.
  • Advocated to relocate Bicycle History Center and Children’s Museum as “cultural tourism” attractions to downtown Buffalo water front location at Canalside.
  • Partnered with Arden Farm in East Aurora, NY to strengthen their efforts in agri-tourism, health education and small scale organic farming (2014-present).
  • Established partnership with BWI Health Promotion to open National Worksite Health Promotion Training Institute in the Innovation Center on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (2010).
  • Certified 10 Worksite Health Promotion trainees Spring 2011.(ongoing training)

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NY State Community Health Indicator Reports (CHIRS)

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