A note from the Healthy Communities 2030! Team

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to use this resource! Our Healthy Communities 2030! Team, with help from community partners, have developed a series of wellness kits to support year-round health and wellness. This B-WELL Fall Wellness Kit is a follow up from our B-WELL@HOME Wellness Kit and Summer Wellness Kit to support our youth, adult, and older adult populations in our communities!

2020 has presented challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic; however, our community has joined together to prevent the spread while maintaining and enhancing our physical, mental, social, economic, & environmental health!

We hope this Fall Wellness Kit provides you with resources and information to make this time easier, fun, and health-enhancing! Use the navigation tool below to check out what interests you, and we encourage you to explore the resources we outline in the kit! 

With any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact us at BeActive@City-Buffalo.org or (716) 851-4052. Thank you and B-WELL!


Lucy Connery                             Phil Haberstro                             Michaela O’Brien

Executive Director                   Board Chair                                   Community Health Advocate

Back to School!

Depending on your district, your back to school season may look very different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the different district websites to see what their COVID policies are for the new school year!

Whether your students are going fully virtual, fully in-person, or some sort of hybrid, families will need support to improve and address youth health.

Check out what the Center for Disease Control & Prevention offer for family back-to-school supports!

A youth physical activity and recreation program that offers kids of all ages the opportunity to engage in free-play, active fun through a variety of activities!

A youth distance learning & educational equity initiative to reach students with technology barriers. Tune in for free lessons on TV or on their website!

Workplace Wellness: Evolved


Thank you to our friends at the Food and Drug Administration for the helpful information!

For youth:

For older adults:

For all!

Tobacco Use & Cessation Support

As of May 2020, the sale of flavored tobacco/e-cigarette products has been banned in New York State. This important legislation may encourage some to seek cessation (the process of ending/quitting) supports.

Fall Prevention

Mental Health

Connect to practitioners, supporting organizations, and a community to build better mental, social, and emotional health & well-being.

For support groups, respite, family activities, helpful education, court-appointed advocates, and more!