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How to Get Involved With Supporting or Partnering with the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo…

There are a variety of ways individuals, organizations/employers or communities can support or partner with the non profit Wellness Institute’s mission of “creating healthy communities”.   Start by becoming a MEMBER OF THE WELLNESS INSTITUTE of GREATER BUFFALO or – Consider opportunities for volunteering, internships, sponsorships, partnerships, making a donation (donate), providing a grant , putting a link on your website or writing if you are in media and sharing a story about our life long passion and commitment to our people and community. These are among the many traditional possibilities.

Have a creative thought or an innovative public policy, program or health promotion business idea that can make our community happier, more environmentally friendly, economically vibrant, engaged in civic life or just plain healthier? Call, write, email or visit us….

You can contact us at: ( Eastern Time)

Call 716-851-4052

Fax 716-851-4309

The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo, 65 Niagara Square Room 607 Buffalo NY 14202.


We will be happy to set up a time to meet and see how we can help or work togther!!

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