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“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.” 

              ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

On this page, you will find Falls Prevention Meetings, Falls Prevention Events, Health & Wellness Events, Updates on the Mayor’s Senior Events and other helpful information related to aging healthfully and gracefully.

Age-Friendly Buffalo/Falls Prevention Workshops

To set up a Falls Prevention Workshop of your own please Call 716-851-4052 or email us !

Age-Friendly Buffalo/Falls Prevention Meetings

Next Meeting: To Be Determined!


Falls Prevention Video

Creating an Age Friendly Buffalo, NY

Excercise safety videos from Go4Life

Choosing the Right Fitness Shoes and Clothes

Bicycle Safety Tips

How to Stay Safe While Doing 4 Types of Exercise

Exercising Safely in Hot Weather

Exercise Safely Outdoors

Exercising Safely in Cold Weather

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