BWI Personal Health Certification


Ideal for Employee Wellness Education, Individual Self Care & Parents Looking for Family Health Answers…
– 12-topic-modules, 30-minutes each, on-line lessons with quizzes (scroll down to view topics)
– Learn basic foundation topics, with outcome metrics for the employer or yourself
– Teaches health education & disease management necessary for improved health
– Teaches personal accountability, behavior change and lifelong health habits
– Training qualifies for continuing education credits/units



This program provides 12 interactive, 30-minute health-wellness education modules addressing lifestyle and behavior changes necessary to lead a healthier life, plus a workbook entitled “Common Sense Health & Nutrition”. No gimmicks – no fads – just the straight facts on topics ranging from weight management to starting an exercise program to health care consumer skills, all in an easy-to-use web-based format. The online course is self-paced with video lectures, interviews, questionnaires, activities, assessment of knowledge on each topic and expert advice. Individuals who successfully complete all 12 modules and pass a final exam receive a “BWI Personal Health Certification.”


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