Healthy Communities 2030! Services

Addressing quality of life where you live, work, and play


Assistance or consultation in planning, implementing, and evaluating programs, activities, and/or events

Education on a variety of health topics

Program topics include fitness, nutrition, mental health, stress management, smoking cessation, and more.

Policy advocacy, promotion, and support as needed

Policy proposals, support in reviewing policy history, and connections to advocacy organizations

Previous successes in anti-tobacco legislation, school district wellness policies,  Complete Streets Legislation, and more

Consultations to support wellness in schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods

Complete streets, supporting local organizations, promoting civic engagement,  connecting social networks, and more to facilitate a comprehensive and strategic approach to community health

Environmental changes via policy, built environment, environmental health and safety, etc.

Healthy Community Strategic Planning

Community Visioning Facilitation

Business incubation, specifically with health promotion activities

Career and leadership coaching

BWI Trainings: BeFit Kids, Health Promotion Coordination, Personal Health Certification; become a member and receive access to health-promotion/education modules and connect with registered dietician!

Keynote speaking engagements

Workshop facilitation or leadership support – assist in brainstorming

Media and public relations support services

Sharing networks, connections, and events

Why us?

The Healthy Communities 2030! Team has over 30 years experience in local workplaces, schools, and our community strategic planning. Combined, the team has nearly 50 years experience in personal wellness, employee wellness, trainings, and providing services

To learn more about how the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo can empower your community, organization, or yourself to achieve your wellness vision, please email  or phone us at 716-851-4052.

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