What We Do

… a lot

Our team follows best practices on a global scale! The World Health Organization’s Ottawa Charter (1989) outlined five main principles/efforts to address improved health, quality of life, and community culture change:

Programs include wellness events, activities, workshops, and more! Our organization is known for hosting community walks, professional networking events, and doing community ‘talks’ on a variety of topics

Falls Prevention for Older Adults

Health, Physical Activity, and more for Kids

Workplace Wellness for Adults

We can educate on almost ANY health topic, and if we can’t do it, we will connect you with someone who can!

We are community leaders, professionals, and stakeholders. We connect our community members to policymakers to develop policies, regulations, and laws to promote community health, well-being, and quality of life.

Check out some of our policy advocacy success and progress here!

Building community capacity is so important for community empowerment at the grassroots level!

We facilitate trainings and workshops on forming Walking Clubs, Walkability Assessments, Mental Health Promotion, Nutrition, Workplace Wellness Activities, and more! Contact us if you’re interested in building capacity through trainings and activities!

Our environment impacts our health more than we know.

Environmental changes can vary from adding benches to parks or bus stops, promoting Complete Streets policy implementation, addressing air, soil, or water quality, and connecting people to resources to address the quality of their homes! Contact us to learn more.

We raise awareness and educate on health news, local/national health-promotion activities, and more.

We want to reach everyone regardless of location, occupation, religion, race, or creed. To do so, we communicate through all mediums: print, TV, radio, social media, the web, etc.