Buffalo-Niagara: A Four Season Wellness Destination

The visionary Jane Jacobs once wrote: “The greatest asset a city or neighborhood can have is something different from every other place.”

While the Buffalo Niagara region is known for sharing the majestic Niagara Falls, from a wellness perspective, there is much more to our region for residents and visitors to enjoy!

This includes activities that enhance one’s physical, mental and spiritual well being. The purpose of this website is to raise awareness of opportunities to embrace the four seasons of wellness in the Buffalo Niagara region.

~ Philip L. Haberstro
Board Chair & Founder

Summer Wellness

Summer is one of the easiest wellness seasons! The warm weather makes it easy to walk your dog, take zumba or yoga in the park and garden in the backyard. 


Buffalo River Works

Delaware Park

Ellicott Creek Island Dog Park

Elmwood Village


Niagara Falls Park

Fall is a great time to put on a sweatshirt and scarf while you walk around at outdoor events. 

Becker Farms

Great Pumpkin Farm

Niagara Gorge

Fall Wellness

Winter Wellness

Sometimes people find winter wellness to be tricky! It’s when everyone starts getting sick and it’s too chilly to be outside exercising.

Rotary Rink


Niagara Gorge

Wintermission Buffalo

Spring can be a little messy but it can be fun too!  The rain and mud make for an interesting environment to work with! 

Delaware Park

Botanical Gardens

Grassroots Gardens

Buffalo Garden Walk

Elmwood Village Farmers Market

Clinton-Bailey Farmers Market

Spring Wellness

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